CardioGenomics eXchange Commons (CGX, CardioGX) Terms and Conditions of Use

The CardioGenomics eXchange (CGX) is a publicly-available web application developed by the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (“The Research Institute”) and supported in part by grant funding from the American Heart Association. By clicking “Accept,” you agree to the following terms and conditions of CGX.

Research Use Only: CGX is available exclusively for research use. You may not use or rely on any data or results that you receive from CGX for any clinical, diagnostic, or commercial purpose. Research Institute accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, meaning, or your use of any results or data obtained from CGX, including results that may suggest the presence of a serious medical condition. For any clinical, diagnostic, or commercial applications of CGX, please contact the Office of Technology Commercialization at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at

No Protected Health Information (PHI): It is your responsibility not to disclose any PHI or any other information that could identify an individual human subject in any communications with CGX. The forms of communication with CGX include, but are not limited to, Variant Call Format (VCF) files, discussions in any CGX forums, or entries in any text boxes. It is your responsibility to remove any potentially identifying information from the VCF file, including its file name and any metadata.

Consent: It is your responsibility to ensure that informed consent from the patient or other authorization allows the sharing and use for research purposes of any VCF files that you upload and for you and other researchers to use them for research purposes. By uploading any file, you warrant to Research Institute that you have such consent or authorization. You warrant that the consent or authorization you have received complies with any applicable federal, state, or local law or regulation and is sufficient to allow you and the Research Institute to use of any data or file you upload or disclose to CGX for research purposes.

License: By uploading any file or disclosing any information to CGX, you grant Research Institute a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use that file or information for database management or data mining research purposes. Database management may include monitoring the frequency, volume, and nature of users’ activities. When you upload any VCF file, you will have the option to make that file private or public. If you choose to make the file public, you grant all CGX users an irrevocable right to use the file for non-commercial research purposes, including publication of research results, although no VCF file batch-download functionality is provided or allowed. No other copyright or other intellectual property right, express or implied, is granted by these terms.

Acknowledgement: You may publish any results of research you conduct that incorporates use of CGX provided that you truthfully acknowledge your use of CGX.

User Responsibility and Disclaimer: You use CGX at your own risk. CGX is provided “as is.” Research Institute makes no warranties as to any matter whatsoever, including results obtained using CGX. You are responsible for your own use of the application and any data, reports, results, or other information that you obtain from CGX.